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Janet Lintala, DC / Founder, Autism Health!
I am the mother of three boys with a variety of issues such as Autism Spectrum disorder, Tourette syndrome, OCD, anxiety and ADHD. Now booking: call 304-255-2550!
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Dr. Janet Lintala About Dr. Lintala

About Dr. Lintala.

Janet Lintala, DC of Autism Health!

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  • Founder of Autism Health! – a low-cost center serving patients from almost 20 states
  • Appointed by the Governor (twice!) to the WV State Rehabilitation Council where I serve as Secretary
  • Speaker’s Bureau for NCMIC, the largest insurer of chiropractors in the nation
  • Past Advisory Panel to the Boy Scouts of America National Disability Awareness Council
  • Past Adjunct Faculty National University of Health Sciences
  • Founder and President of The Un-Prescription Foundation for Autism, Inc. – a non-profit supporting books, speakers, videos, and appearances that educate families and health professionals on safe non-prescription approaches to supporting vibrant health on the Autism spectrum
  • Past Speaker for Intersect4Kids
  • Over 20-year “Residency” as an Autism Mom



I am the mother of three boys with a variety of issues such as Autism Spectrum condition, Tourette syndrome, OCD, anxiety and ADHD. Our home has always been spontaneous and chaotic, and I jokingly live in fear of being given a ticket by the “Normal Police”! With my husband, a medical doctor, I have searched for the latest in safe, natural therapies with our sons, which have brought the boys to a high level of health and let their unique talents and gifts shine.

I have a B.S. in Genetics, and graduated as a Doctor of Chiropractic Salutatorian, summa cum laude, from The National University of Health Sciences, a postgraduate program near Chicago, IL. I was never able to have a typical musculo-skeletal practice, and one month after graduation, began my 20+-year “residency” in autism with the birth of my son. I have devoted myself exclusively to having an autism practice, bringing the latest in research and therapies to support vibrant health for those on the spectrum. I do not offer chiropractic adjustments at my center, and am sad that this part of my career was lost to the years of autism when I was unable to practice.

Over the years, I attended many autism training conferences, and completed two Mentorships at the RIMLAND Center under Dr. Elizabeth Mumper, M.D., the former Medical Director of The Autism Research Institute. I am happily attending the MAPS (Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs) conferences now!

I was blessed to be a speaker for Intersect4Kids for several years – The I4K “Dream Team” included Dr. Elizabeth Mumper, MD, Maureen McDonnell, RN, who is the Medical Director of The Imus Cancer Ranch for Kids, and Dr. Monika Buerger, DC who trains for the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, and is the founder of Intersect4Kids. I4K educates doctors and health care givers across the nation, and has appeared in Chicago, San Francisco, Salt Lake City and more.
I had a blast with Dr. Mumper in a monthly Intersect4Kids webinar series for doctors across the country.

I was thrilled to be a Homecoming speaker at National University of Health Sciences in the summer of 2013. For 2018, I am returning as part of an all female “all-star” alumna speaking slate for Homecoming. I am currently a member of the Speaker’s Bureau for NCMIC, the largest insurer of chiropractors in the nation.  As a NCMIC speaker, I get to travel and present in fun places like Alaska, California, Washington state, Florida, (Panama City, Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando and Naples), Missouri, Iowa and Louisiana!

My husband and sons are passionate participants in the Boy Scouts (pround mom of three Eagle Scouts!) So I was pleased to be asked to be a member of the Advisory Panel to the Boy Scouts of America National Disability Awareness Council. I attended the 2013 National Boy Scout Jamboree as a counselor for the disAbilities Awareness Challenge, and provided the autism display at the 2017 National Jamboree!

I am honored that the Governor of WV has twice appointed me to the State Rehabilitation Council, and I have already begun my important work there. I serve as Secretary for the council, and have attended the National Coalition of State Rehabilitation Councils in Bethesda, MD in 2016 and 2018.

I sincerely hope that my long journey with autism can benefit your child in some way – check out the support protocols I share in my award-winning book, The Un-Prescription for Autism.

Who I’ve trained:

  • Doctors
  • Chiropractors
  • Naturopaths
  • Nurses
  • Speech Pathologists
  • Occupational Therapists and OTA’s
  • Medical Residents
  • Medical Interns
  • Rehabilitation Specialists
  • Teachers

My most requested topics:

  • An Overview of Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Underlying Health Challenges of ASD
  • An Autism Makeover for Your Office
  • The New Patient Questionnaire
  • Overview of Lab Tests for ASD Patients
  • Probiotics
  • Basic and Advanced Protocols
  • Case Stories from Our Center

I can tailor presentations anywhere from a 45 minute quickie to a 12 hour weekend!

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