My son has a comorbid diagnosis of both ADHD and high functioning autism. I spent multiple months deliberating over whether or not to medicate my son and ultimately ended up going the medication route, so I was intrigued to see what other options may be out there in addition to the prescription that he currently […]

The CyberLibrarian

My second year of teaching was a disaster. I was pregnant, but more importantly, I had a combination room of fourth and fifth graders. Among the 30 children in my class was a boy whose parents had just been arrested for murder, four students whose parents were being divorced, and one boy who would not […]

The Corner on Character

I’ve always had a heart for children with Autism and this comprehensive newcomer, written by Dr. Janet Lintala, the mom of a child with autism, kept me engaged through each and every page in each and every chapter. As far as I could tell, there isn’t a pebble that Dr. Lintala left unturned as she […]


As the father of a son on the Autism spectrum, I keep my eyes and ears open for what is going on in the medical world as it relates to ASD. Since becoming a contributor here at GeekDad, I’ve had an opportunity to voice some of my experiences and take a look at some helpful […]

Library Journal

Biel—writer, filmmaker, and founder of Microcosm Publishing among other ventures—has written a detailed account of his life growing up with undiagnosed Asperger’s syndrome. A creative thinker, the author achieved success at a very young age as a publisher of zines, but he has also been plagued with health and interpersonal problems. His accounts of his […]

Embracing the spectrum

I want to start by saying that I do not believe there’s a “cure” for autism. Without variability in this world, we would certainly have boring lives, and autistic children are just as valuable and beautiful as any other children. As a parent, I want the best for my children, though, and that means I […]

Sample Newsletter Mention

Title: Autism Presentation Janet Lintala, DC presented a *(45-minute)* program about the health challenges of the autism spectrum at the *(your meeting or event)* on *(date)* in *(your location). *Dr. Lintala is the founder of Autism Health, a center where she donates her time and sees patients from twelve states, and is the author of […]

Sample Press Release for a community workshop

Title: Free Autism Workshop Coming to (Your Town) (Your organization) is sponsoring a free autism workshop presented by Janet Lintala, D.C. She is the founder of Autism Health, a center where she donates her time and sees patients from twelve states, and is the author of The Un-Prescription for Autism. She speaks for three organizations, […]

Arranging a Community Workshop in Your Area

With enough advance notice, you can arrange a free community workshop in your town if I’m speaking nearby. Check my speaking schedule, and contact me if you are interested. I will be happy to provide a 45-minute to one-hour presentation, followed by Q and A, and I can sign and give away several free copies […]

Is your child or student on Miralax, sleep medication and an antipsychotic for “behavior”?

Dr. Janet Lintala – a dynamic speaker bringing awareness of the health challenges of the Autism Spectrum that may impair cognition and language, and cause irritability, constipation and disrupted sleep patterns. Many parents, teachers, physicians and therapists are completely unaware that these medicines are only aimed at symptoms, and are not actually addressing the real […]