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Quiz #2

How many of the following are true for your child?

  1. Poor eye contact
  2. Finger stimming/flapping right in front of eyes
  3. Does she do any sideways glancing?
  4. Holds toys up very close to eyes, or just above or to the side of eyes
  5. Head frequently tilted to one side
  6. History of Lazy Eye
  7. Has had the lazy eye corrected with surgery
  8. Are eyes crossed? (Strabismus)
  9. Has dyslexia
  10. Avoids homework, has been called “lazy”
  11. Is very intelligent, but makes poor grades in school
  12. Skips over lines when reading
  13. Dislikes or avoids reading
  14. Dislikes movies in 3-D
  15. Is careful on the stairs, holds the rail, one foot at a time, sits down to do stairs
  16. Tries to catch a ball and it hits him in the chest
  17. Ball Refusal – Turns away from the ball to avoid being hit by it
  18. Trips or stumbles over nothing; tends to be clumsy
  19. Bumps into the door frame going through a doorway

If you answered “yes” to several or all of these, your child may need a thorough evaluation by a Developmental Optometrist.  See my article “Double Take:  Developmental Optometry and ASD” under the Resource Desk.

Quiz #1

How many of the following does your child have?

  • Tooth enamel that’s been eroded by gastric acid?
  • Steel caps on the teeth?
  • Facial grimacing?
  • Frequent gritting of teeth
  • Wincing
  • Sighing, groaning
  • Burping
  • Pacing around the house, hyperactive, jumping up and down
  • Puts off going to sleep
  • Frequent waking at night
  • Falls asleep propped up in bed, propped up on couch, or bent over a pillow
  • Does your child swallow or clear his throat frequently?

If you answered yes to 2 or more of the above, your child may have unsuspected acid reflux, and may benefit from a Basic GI Support Protocol!

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