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Janet Lintala, DC / Founder, Autism Health!
Janet Lintala, DC/ Founder, Autism Health!
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Dr. Janet Lintala Embracing the spectrum

Embracing the spectrum

I want to start by saying that I do not believe there’s a “cure” for autism. Without variability in this world, we would certainly have boring lives, and autistic children are just as valuable and beautiful as any other children. As a parent, I want the best for my children, though, and that means I want them to feel the best they can feel. Plenty of studies out there have pointed to a variety of health conditions that come along with autism. Children with autism generally have a difficult time sleeping, have digestion problems, and, many times, get more ear infections than other children. I received a copy of Dr. Janet Lintala’s book, The Un-Prescription for Autism, in exchange for my fair review of her book. Dr. Lintala founded and heads Autism Health, which serves children and adults in 12 states and as a fellow autism parent, she provides practical advice for parents to follow in order to help regulate the underlying issues that come with autism. I want to share some noninvasive ways to help treat autistic children without medication and help them feel more comfortable so that they can achieve the best possible health outcomes.

For more information check out the rest of the article here: http://embracingthespectrum.com/5-ways-treat-autistic-children-without-medication/.

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