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Getting Smart

My son has a comorbid diagnosis of both ADHD and high functioning autism. I spent multiple months deliberating over whether or not to medicate my son and ultimately ended up going the medication route, so I was intrigued to see what other options may be out there in addition to the prescription that he currently takes.

Lintala covers a wide variety of natural options that may help alleviate a variety of symptoms and suggests that doctors often jump right to prescription medications before looking at natural alternatives or checking for other underlying issues. She argues that by taking this approach, physicians may be missing the fundamental reason in regards to why a child is displaying such adverse symptoms.

For more information check out the rest of the article here: http://gettingsmart.com/2016/07/un-prescription-for-autism-book-review/

The CyberLibrarian

My second year of teaching was a disaster. I was pregnant, but more importantly, I had a combination room of fourth and fifth graders. Among the 30 children in my class was a boy whose parents had just been arrested for murder, four students whose parents were being divorced, and one boy who would not speak to anyone or look them in the eye. He is the child I remember the most from that year, because I could do little for him. He could do more complex math problems than anyone in the class, but he could not tie his shoes. Everything, including all his knowledge, was shut up inside him. At first, he wouldn’t let me hug him, but eventually he became my friend. Today we would say that he was on the Autism spectrum. Then, he was just a strange and different little boy.

For more information check out the rest of the article here: http://mimi-cyberlibrarian.blogspot.com/2016/05/the-un-prescription-for-autism.html

The Corner on Character

I’ve always had a heart for children with Autism and this comprehensive newcomer, written by Dr. Janet Lintala, the mom of a child with autism, kept me engaged through each and every page in each and every chapter. As far as I could tell, there isn’t a pebble that Dr. Lintala left unturned as she walks her readers through everything imaginable to, first and foremost, help ease the physical pains from which children on the spectrum suffer. Dr. Lintala’s masterpiece spells out how behavioral and academic issues become easier to navigate once a child’s physical issues and concerns are under control.

For more information check out the rest of the article here: http://corneroncharacter.blogspot.com/2016/04/the-un-prescription-for-autism-review.html


As the father of a son on the Autism spectrum, I keep my eyes and ears open for what is going on in the medical world as it relates to ASD. Since becoming a contributor here at GeekDad, I’ve had an opportunity to voice some of my experiences and take a look at some helpful and informative products that cater to people on the spectrum and those who love and care for them. I’ve also seen my share of pseudo-science and complete disregard of science. Being a parent of a healthy child is hard enough (or so I hear… all three of mine have unique health issues), and being the parent of a child on the spectrum can, at times, be completely overwhelming. I understand when frazzled parents are tempted to rely on voodoo and rubbing homemade tinctures fashioned from mint extract and lawn clippings on their kids because the application of such a balm coincided with a child’s tantrums subsiding once for “this friend of mine.”

For more information check out the rest of the article here: https://geekdad.com/2016/04/un-prescription-for-autism/

Library Journal

Biel—writer, filmmaker, and founder of Microcosm Publishing among other ventures—has written detailed account of his life growing up with undiagnosed Asperger’s syndrome. A creative thinker, the author achieved success at very young age as publisher of zines, but has been plagued with health and interpersonal problems. His accounts of his dysfunctional family life and failed relationships are sad read about, especially because Biel has so much trouble understanding other people viewpoints. Similar to autobiographical writings of John Elder Robison and Temple Grandin, Biel’s story provides invaluable services, by revealing what Asperger’s like from inside; this extremely helpful those not on spectrum.

For more information check out the rest of the article here: http://reviews.libraryjournal.com/2016/02/books/nonfic/soc-sci/new-titles-for-april-national-autism-awareness-month-on-the-spectrum-lj-reviews/

Embracing the spectrum

I want to start by saying not believe the “cure” for autism. Without variability in this world, would certainly have boring lives, and autistic children are just as valuable and beautiful as any other children. As parent, I want the best for my children, and that means I want them to feel the best feel. Plenty of studies out have pointed to variety of health conditions that come along with autism. Children with autism generally have difficult time sleeping, have digestion problems, and, many times, get more ear infections than other children. I received a copy of Dr. Janet Lintala’s book, The Un-Prescription for Autism, in exchange for my fair review of her book. Dr. Lintala found and heads Autism Health, which serves children and adults in 12 states and as a fellow autism parent, she provides practical advice for parents to follow in order to help regulate the underlying issues that come with autism. I want to share some noninvasive ways help treat autistic children without medication and help them feel more comfortable can achieve the best possible health outcomes.

For more information check out the rest of the article here: http://embracingthespectrum.com/5-ways-treat-autistic-children-without-medication/.

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